Accounting records are more than just a burden and a few figures for an entrepreneur. Your accounting records are a barometer, they reflect your achievements but also your weaknesses. Keeping your accounts is more than a legal obligation, it is one of your management tools.

You are not alone.  Fiduciaire Antwerpen can help you with your accounts:

  • From A to Z or do you only need us for specific aspects (financial statements, VAT-returns ..)?
  • On our systems, on your systems or in the cloud
  • At our office or at your office.

Fiduciaire Antwerpen can offer you a wide range of services, which are not limited to one specific pattern.

Our assistance can be permanent or temporary and include reoccurring or non-reoccurring services  

 Examples of reoccurring services:

  • Keeping the accounts, in accordance with the legal standards;
  • Preparation and presentation of VAT-returns, company and personal income tax returns, intrastat …
  • Preparation of the annual reports of the Board of Directors and the general meeting.
  • Preparation of regular financial reports, adjusted to your needs;
  • ….  

Examples of specific services:

  • Assistance to establish, convert and liquidate your company;
  • Preparation of a financial plan for the incorporation of your company or any other company report;
  • Assistance to present financing applications;
  • Training of your internal accountant;
  • ….