Fiduciaire Antwerpen has a team of about 20 dedicated employees and is an accredited IAB accountant and tax consultant. An accountant is very clever at figures and the most appropriate person or organization to assist you with your accounting, tax and other duties as an entrepreneur.  

The vision of Fiduciaire Antwerpen, however, goes further than that.  As an entrepreneur you need a sounding board, a person who listens to your ideas or problems. You need a worthy opponent, a person who can put your ideas in their proper context and point out any weaknesses but also someone who tries to find solutions to realize these ideas.  Someone who monitors the business climate, because the prevailing economic, investment and tax climate is an important element of your entrepreneurial plans. Our aim is to relieve you from all tasks that belong to our professional domain so that you can concentrate on your core business, your company. As an independent office, we are also an entrepreneur and as such very suited to start a dialogue with you concerning your company.  But also as a company manager, we do not leave you out in the cold, either.  You and your company are at the centre of our approach.  The guidance of entrepreneurs and their company managers has many aspects.

Our office cannot cover each and every aspect.  A field you are not familiar with holds potential  dangers and pitfalls.  Fiduciaire Antwerpen will not abandon you. Together we will look for an appropriate partner for any aspects outside our field of knowledge and in close coordination with you, we will meet your needs. A personal approach is essential for us.  We will always assign one permanent staff member to your company. This professional will be responsible for the guidance of your company and assist you in all aspects.  With its wide variety of clients, Fiduciaire Antwerpen has an  extensive know-how in most sectors of our economy.

Accountancy law, VAT, personal income tax, company tax, wage administration and all other elements of entrepreneurship are difficult and complicated matters. We have a whole team at your disposal to assist and advise, to monitor and offer guidance.  Our staff members are trained professionals whose permanent training is an essential part of their continuous development.  A team of experienced and dedicated employees guarantees a dynamic company combining talent, flexibility and know-how.  With its know-how, Fiduciaire Antwerpen can assist small and medium-sized enterprises as well as separate units of large companies or international entities doing business in Belgium.  Fiduciaire Antwerpen was founded in 1971 and has been a tower of strength ever since. No tall stories but sound and useful advice. Fiduciaire Antwerpen is a company on which you as an entrepreneur can count and rely.

Do not hesitate to contact us. You will immediately feel at ease and understood!

 Your challenge is our field of knowledge.